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When is the Guardian coming to Minecraft?

The Warden, the shadowy protector of Minecraft’s deeply dark biome, has postponed its release date after it was originally scheduled for release with the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update.

Recently on Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang announced Update 1.9 of Minecraft, known as The Wild Update. This patch focuses on increasing diversity in Minecraft’s biomes and now makes it easier to include the Deep Dark Biome and Warden as well.

Mojang has cited the extent of the inclusion of the new biome and its central mini-boss as the reason for extending the development time.

Minecraft: When Can We Expect The Wild Update?

The Wild Update doesn't have a concrete release date, but is expected to drop in 2022 (Image via Mojang)also read

Looting the underground ruins of ancient people is an adventurous aspect for Minecraft, much like implementing temples and forgotten mansions. Still, the involvement of the Warden increases the stakes.

Players likely won’t have long to collect the loot of their discoveries as the Guardian is likely to be lurking right behind them.

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