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Weight loss before and after photos: mom is losing 70 kg, can’t wait for the bikini beach session

A mother who lost 70 kg and was left with sagging excess skin has undergone a major transformation thanks to her husband’s plastic surgery gift.

A mother who lost 70 kg and was left with sagging excess skin now has “the perfect bikini body” thanks to her husband’s plastic surgery gift.

Donna Clayton, 33, of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA, rose to 150 pounds after years of eating large portions of spaghetti and other high-carb meals.

After gastric bypass surgery three years ago, she lost almost 70 kg in nine months because she strictly followed her post-op diet and exercised.

But the mother was appalled after having “sagging grandma skin” that hung lower than her genitals and emptying breasts that made her weight loss seem “worthless”.

She was so embarrassed that she refused to go naked in front of husband David, who decided to help Donna by paying $ 11,700 for a combined tummy tuck, breast lift and implants.

Now Donna is so happy with her look that she’s wearing a two-piece bikini for the first time in her life and can’t wait to flaunt her new body this summer.

Donna, an office worker, said, “Although I have lost a lot of weight, I was uncomfortable because of my excess skin.

“I went from being extremely fat to a hanging blob of chaos.

“It didn’t feel like there was a reward for losing weight. It was like being punished by having excess skin all over the place. “

“My stomach was worst, it was hanging under my pubic bones, halfway up my thighs and my breasts were completely empty.

“It looked like you were seeing someone who was really old and had loose-looking, saggy granny skin.

“I don’t want to stand naked in front of my husband, when I saw myself, I was disgusted and thought he must think that too.

“He knew how angry it was for me and decided to help me out by paying for a ‘mummy makeover’ as a gift.

“After removing 1.8 kg of sagging skin from my stomach and implants for DD breasts, I felt great.

“When I put on a bathing suit and saw myself in the mirror, I started crying, I couldn’t believe how far I had come.”

“Now, for the first time in my 33 years, I can wear bikinis. I loved it and am no longer ashamed because I know I look great. “

Donna has piled the pounds over the years after consuming massive servings of carbohydrate meals combined with sugary coffee.

In her worst phase, her body mass index was 56 – which brought her to the highest obesity level on the World Health Organization.

Donna said, “The whole day I drank Starbucks mochas and only ate the wrong food, the one big meal I ate was always full of carbohydrates.

“Then I would devour a large full plate of spaghetti with bread, salad and dessert.

“I weighed 117 kg but was the size of an 11-year-old, so it all added up.”

Because of her weight, she avoided roller coasters, had to have a belt extender on the plane, and never felt comfortable in a bikini, but always chose to cover up.

Donna added, “Every time I went swimming I was completely embarrassed and tried to hide, even trying on myself I didn’t want to look in the mirror.

“When I visited my parents in Florida, it was too horrible to go to the beach in a bathing suit, I had panic attacks at the thought.

“But one day everything changed, I woke up and knew I couldn’t go on living like this, it didn’t feel like I was alive at all.”

She researched weight loss surgery online and underwent gastric bypass surgery for $ 117,000 in 2013, paid for by her insurance company.

From then on she dropped to 45 kg, which Donna attributes to the fact that she is very strict about her diet and exercising at home.

She said, “I’ve learned that keeping weight under control is a lifestyle, and when I crave chocolate I eat a protein chocolate bar or for carbohydrates I eat a cracker.”

“I didn’t go to the gym, I worked out at home by walking around my neighborhood doing squats, pushups, sit-ups, whatever I was doing.”

But after her weight loss, the mother felt humiliated by her sagging skin and felt that it made her feel unattractive.

Donna added, “It is your femininity, when a woman is honest, your breasts and curves are your identity as a woman, if you don’t have them you completely lose confidence.

“I didn’t want to be topless because of the skin, which makes you a woman is that hourglass figure and it was really hard for me when she was gone.”

Thanks to her husband’s surgery, she is now more confident.

Donna said, “I used to have to put my excess skin in clothes that were two sizes up, now I can wear tops that show my stomach and fit kids’ clothes.

“I used to have a 32-D cup, which was mainly made of skin, but thanks to the implants I’m back to a DD again, it’s like I’m 18 years old again.

“Sometimes I look at pictures of myself and think ‘Holy crap, that’s me’, I still do that today.”

Husband David Clayton, 37, claims he is extremely proud of his wife’s accomplishments, but says her most important change is psychological.

David said, “Donna was very happy with her weight loss but still had problems with the self-esteem of her skin and breasts.

“The surgery allowed her to feel better about her body, something that she could not achieve by dieting alone.

“Now she is happier and never talks about the disappointment of her sagging skin, nor is she ashamed anymore to stand naked in front of me.”

“I’m incredibly proud of her, but I’m even more proud of how disciplined she is with her diet.

“A lot of the people you see put on weight right away, but my wife maintains a healthy weight on a very strict, proper diet.

“In her mid-thirties, she looks better now than she has ever seen her life.”

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