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We spent tens of thousands on operations

From Tom Cruise’s puffy filler face to Linda Evangelista’s seedy fat freeze, it’s easy to see when cosmetic treatments have gone wrong.

But what if they are well done?


It’s hard to say that these four women spent tens of thousands on cosmetic treatments

Most of us wouldn’t be wiser if a colleague or friend had a subtle nap here or a hand there.

It’s hard to say that these four women spent tens of thousands on cosmetic treatments. They’ve gone under the knife for a variety of reasons – breast augmentation, nose job, eyelid surgery, and a full body overhaul including liposuction, tummy tuck, and butt lift.

62-year-old actress Jamie Lee Curtis recently criticized the craze for cosmetic surgery, saying, “The current trend in fillers and procedures, and this obsession with filtering and the things we do to customize our appearance on Zoom, are erasing generations of people Beauty. “

These women, who all struggle with low self-esteem, don’t all agree with Jamie Lee.

Read on to find out why Jade, Nicola, Donna, and Sarah decided to have surgery – and what they did.

Sarah – £ 6,000 eye lift

SARAH BLAKE, 44, is a writer and lives with her mother Trudy, 67, in the Ribble Valley, Lancs. She spent £ 6,000 on an eyelid lift in June 2019. She says:

“When I think about aging, I get panic attacks, which is why I decided to have my eyelids lifted. I wanted to look younger.

Sarah spent £ 6,000 on an eyelid lift in June 2019


Sarah spent £ 6,000 on an eyelid lift in June 2019

I looked at other women and saw how beautiful their eyeshadow looked while mine only sank into the creases of the eyelids. I was jealous and embarrassed at how tired I looked.

So I did a lot of research and decided on an operation in which the eyelids were cut open and pulled back – under general anesthesia. But immediately afterwards I was hit by a terrible depression. My face looked bruised and injured, and I suffered nerve damage. It was a really tough recovery that took months.

My life hadn’t changed the way I wanted it to, and the fact was, I was still in my forties. Now I am satisfied with my operation. However, it hasn’t changed how I feel inside – I’m still scared of the aging process. I also get botox, but with every fine line that appears on my forehead, my heart sinks.

Despite the difficult recovery, I wouldn’t necessarily rule out another operation. But I would agree that it is a major operation and not a simple help in life. “

Nicola – £ 3,500 tit job

SECURITY employee Nicola Turner, 35, lives in Basildon, Essex with partner Luke, 36, a builder, and daughter Violet, seven. She had a breast augmentation in 2010. She says:

“I’m proud to admit I had a bosom job. I’m not ashamed at all and love to flaunt my 32H breasts in low-cut tops and skimpy dresses.

Nicola had her breasts done in 2010 and loves to flaunt them


Nicola had her breasts done in 2010 and loves to flaunt them

I had the operation when I was 24 years old in a private clinic in London after mortgaging 3,500 pounds of gold jewelry my mother gave me as a teenager.

It wasn’t really a big deal. I only decided to have it done about six weeks earlier, and the surgery that put implants over my muscle was straightforward and recovery was easy.

The jewelry didn’t have a lot of sentimental value and my new breasts – which I will get replaced next year because they are starting to sag – gave me a lot more pleasure.

I’m six feet tall and thought my previous 34 ° C breasts were too small. I was embarrassed how I looked in dresses and tight tops.

People have never said anything critical about my implants, despite admitting that they feel a little harder than natural breasts.

I tend not to think about getting my breasts done. I only remember when I put on a tight-fitting dress or a tight crossover top – and I realize how much I love them. “

Jade – £ 5,500 Rhinoplasty

MARKETING and mindset coach Jade Dover, 33, lives in Rainham, Kent with her children Selyena, nine, and Safiye, five. In May 2009, she spent £ 5,500 on a nose job. She says:

At school, I was bullied for my crooked nose. Girls called me “hook nose” – they were so vicious. It destroyed my self-esteem.

Jade feels a lot more confident after her nose job


Jade feels a lot more confident after her nose job

When a guy in a club came up to me and started chatting to me, I always thought it was a test of courage and his friends would laugh.

In 2009, after completing my teaching degree, I started saving up for a £ 5,500 nose job that I had in May of that year. I knew I was going to need a job and the thought of being crooked in job interviews really bothered me. My operation lasted a few hours and was performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon broke my nose, reshaped it, filed down the bump, and lifted the tip.

A few weeks later, when the bandages were removed, I loved my new nose. My family and friends could see the difference, not just in how I looked, but also in my confidence.

In my job, I try to improve people’s self-esteem and I believe that it is something that has to come from within.

But I don’t feel like I’ve cheated. My nose was something I hated so I fixed it. However, I will no longer have an operation. “

Donna – £ 12,500 full body transformation

DONNA LAMBERT, 34, is a homemaker living in Wickford, Essex with her children Beau, 7 and Amelie, 5. She spent £ 12,500 on a full body overhaul. She says:

“My Mummy Makeover” consists of a £ 5,500 breast lift and a £ 7,000 lower body lift which includes a tummy tuck, muscle repair, buttock lift, liposuction, arm lift and monslift (where you lift your pubic area).

Donna went to Turkey for an operation


Donna went to Turkey for an operation

“I never liked my body. When I was in my mid-twenties, I was 17th and in 2017, thanks to the fitness studio, I had lost 3rd place. But I still felt so unhappy thinking my breasts were flat and my skin was saggy.

“I had my bosom job in 2017 and was overjoyed with my new super-large couple. Then I wanted my sagging skin to be okay.

I had the full body lift in 2020, but this time I flew to Turkey. Had I had the operation in the UK, it would have cost £ 17,000.

It went really well, but I lost a lot of blood and had to have a blood transfusion. Still, I don’t regret it.

My partner at the time booked both operations on one credit card, but I paid him back from my savings in monthly installments.

I was really unsure of how I looked before and would never go out in tight clothes – something I love now.

It gave me a boost in confidence – and that is priceless. “

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