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The Derbyshire woman’s revenge campaign against her ex’s new girlfriend

A mother waged revenge campaigns against her ex-husband’s new girlfriend for a day, a court heard.

Sharen Pound hacked into the Netflix account used by Adele McGillivray and tried to “embarrass and humiliate” her by changing the names of her profiles.

The 33-year-old used an Xbox family account to log into the steaming service and changed the profiles to “Desperate Home Wrecker” and “The Skank”.

She has also signed up Miss McGillivray for a number of online services, including requests for a nose job from a cosmetic surgeon and installing a stair lift in her home.

The mother of four was later charged with computer hacking and harassment.

A statement said Miss McGillivray of Buxton was “worried and upset” about the cyberattacks.

“I was very concerned about these calls,” she said.

“I thought my bank details were visible on my Netflix account and I was afraid that the defendant would have access to them.

“ It made me suspicious that it was Sharen based on the names the profiles were changed to. I just want this to stop and her to leave me alone. I feel like she’s just jealous of my relationship. I feel targeted because of it. ”

Stockport judges heard that the feud broke out in April of that year after Pound of Chapel-en-le-Frith broke up with her nameless partner and began dating Miss McGillivray.

Prosecutor Peter Conroy said: “The defendant and the victim’s partner were in a relationship. This relationship ended a year before this offense.

“The victim was later contacted to learn that the defendant had admitted to having changed all of the Netflix profiles set up by her partner. The profiles have been changed to ‘Desperate Home Wrecker’ and ‘The Skank’.

“Apparently the defendant was able to access the Netflix account from an already signed in Xbox account and to have changed the usernames of the profiles.

“Later that night, the complainant received several phone calls and text messages from various companies based on Internet inquiries. These inquiries related to nose surgery from a private Manchester hospital and requests to install a stairlift on site.

“‘That’s the level of harassment. It all happens the same day. The defendant has no criminal record. She is due to be convicted of tampering with her Netflix profiles, nose job and installation or a stair lift.”

“There are some plans to be misrepresented and a degree of sophistication, but the victim has frankly stated that it didn’t cause her any significant problems.

“She declined the possibility of a personal testimony from the victim – but from her testimony it is pretty clear that she was desperate and angry.”

Pound admitted harassment. Charges against her for securing unauthorized access to computer programs under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 have been dropped.

She was banned from contacting Ms. McGillivray under a twelve month restraining order. She was also fined £ 80 and paid £ 119 in costs and surcharges.

Her attorney, Anthony Derbyshire, said to put it mildly, “She is embarrassed to be here today. Your greatest loss is your good character. She had no criminal record. We are dealing with actions that took place in a single day.

“You haven’t been for an extended period of time and there is no claim that she has acted inappropriately in the meantime. She is not trying to contradict an injunction.

“She has neither the desire nor the desire to get in touch with the complainant. She accepts that she was completely wrong about what she did. She is remorseful and now wants to move forward.

“There was essentially a family game console, and when Netflix came on, it had a list of users. She only entered different names for two users on the screen. She cannot see any account details.

“‘She accepts that she was completely wrong about this. This was very short lived and it was like a while ago. She has a universal loan of £ 1,400 and child support of £ 240, her husband is currently paying the mortgage in full.” at the moment.”

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