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The 8 best film and theater books 2021 | Saturday review

Brian Cox’s memoirs are “absolute heaven,” but the 2021 entertainment books include sizzling anger from David Harewood and ballerina Georgina Pazcoguin, Eileen Atkins’ dress-up race with Glenda Jackson, and impeccably-researched stories of Hitchcock and women in Hollywood.

Even in a year when autobiographies are insightful, most people censor themselves. Not Brian Cox. Not about his famous co-stars – Johnny Depp “so overrated”, Ed Norton “a little screwed up” – or about himself: “I was a pretty shitty father.” It’s a book full of wonderful stories and huge insights into that entire business of acting and the functioning of the human soul, from his impoverished childhood to stage and film successes to his triumph as Logan Roy in succession. With as

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