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The 10 Best Episodes Of Total Bellas, According To IMDb

It was basically a perfect marriage when WWE decided to step into the world of reality television. The pro wrestling company is basically its own version of weekly reality TV, so diving deeper into the lives of the top female stars with Total Divas was an ideal choice.

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That led to the spin-off Total Bellas, which revolved around the lives of Nikki and Brie, the Bella Twins. As the best known and most marketable stars of the original series, their own show worked wonders. The greatest moments in the Bellas’ lives were featured in their best episodes.

10 A Bella Babymoon (Season 6, Episode 3) – 7.5

Daniel Bryan with a pregnant Brie Bella

One of the recurring themes at Total Bellas is that the entire Bella family is being taken to events and trips that they probably shouldn’t. In “A Bella Babymoon,” Bryan and Brie attempted to get together on a romantic vacation for some time before their baby was born, only to get Brie to invite everyone else.

Ultimately, the family drama was at the center of the story. Since Brie and Nikki Bella had recently published their book, their mother, Kathy, struggled with some of the shocking content as well as her own recovery from Bell’s paralysis. After so many seasons, viewers are attached to these people so it’s poignant to see emotional moments like this one.

9 Bella’s Break Free (Season 6, Episode 2) – 7.5

A pregnant Nikki Bella speaks to the camera

Since Season 6 started in 2020, much of the show has centered on how Nikki, Brie and their family dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of that, they were pregnant during this time as well and this episode showed a bit of how they dealt with these things.

There was also a fun little subplot where Artem bonded with his future mother-in-law, Kathy, while going on bike rides together. Problems between the twins are often the highlight of the show, and on this episode, Brie tried to scare Nikki about potential work problems just to scare herself about it.


8th The proposal (season 5, episode 10) – 7.5

Nikki Bella kisses Artem at Total Bellas

Nikki Bella has been talking about getting married since she first appeared on Total Divas. Her sister did this on the show, and Nikki kept arguing with John Cena, who never wanted to get married. They were finally engaged, but the ceremony never took place.

That made the season five finale so enjoyable because viewers knew what to expect. Artem wanted to ask Nikki the question while they were in France. The whole thing was romantic, just as Artem was nervous while planning everything while Brie was helping him.

7th The Cena House Rules (Season 1, Episode 1) – 7.5

John Cena, Nikki Bella and their family at the dining table

It was the premiere of Total Bellas, and it’s probably still the most iconic. This saw the sitcom-like establishment where everyone moved into John Cena’s house together. That meant Nikki, Brie, Bryan, and even Kathy and her future husband, John Laurinaitis, all moved in with John.

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The episode is hilarious given that John Cena’s house is so strict. Things were spotless, shoes were only allowed to be worn for formal dinners, and they were required to have coffee together in the morning and a fire in the evening. It made everyone feel uncomfortable about what made good television.

6th Family ties (season 6, episode 6) – 7.6

Brie Bella in Total Bellas

It’s kind of shocking how many times Brie and Bryan moved. In the early days of Total Divas, it was mentioned that they would be moving into Bryan’s old family house, but that didn’t happen. From there, they apparently moved into every season of both shows.

Still, it was quite surprising that they did so again when Brie revealed to Bryan on that episode that she was planning to move from Phoenix to Napa Valley. That episode got emotional too, with the revelation that Kathy had to undergo surgery.

5 Troublemakers (season 4, episode 3) – 7.6

Niki and Brie Bella drive together

The first and best episode of season four, Troublemaker, focuses on Nikki Bella coping with her breakup with John Cena. Nikki did extravagant and unexpected things like test driving expensive cars, throwing block parties, and joining a cigar bar.

Seeing Nikki try these things was fun, even when her family had concerns about her. There was drama on Brie’s side, too, as her training to get back in the ring meant neither she nor Bryan could be home with Birdie often, leaving them with more babysitters than they’d liked.

4th Sweat It Out (Season 5, Episode 9) – 7.6

Daniel Bryan looks stressed

This show never shied away from the fact that Bryan had some interests very different from those of the Bella family. His plan to visit a sweat lodge during a romantic getaway with Brie came as no surprise, and neither did his “out of body”.

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The whole thing was emotional, but the real kicker of the episode were Artem and Brie. He took her to see engagement rings for Nikki and amazed her when he revealed he had already bought one, which set the stage for his proposal in the season finale.

3 Bellas And The City (Season 4, Episode 2) – 7.7

Nikki Bella goes with JJ.  to stroll

Body image has been an issue with the Bellas since the beginning of Total Divas. As is well known, Nikki had breast augmentation surgery and she talks a lot about it, but Brie herself was never interested in it.

However, due to the changes in her body after getting birdie, she thought about it in this episode. It caused some problems with Bryan who didn’t want her to, especially as it could interfere with breastfeeding with the second baby they were trying for. Less interesting and a lot stranger was Nikki’s storyline, in which Kathy invited a random guy from the bar over to her dinner to be her date.

2 Quickie Fix (Season 1, Episode 2) – 7.7

Brie Bella in a blue bikini

The Bella Twins share a lot of personal information about the show and that was evident in the second episode. Nikki had an open discussion with Brie about her sex life with her husband. It was kind of a good season one barometer for the future of the show.

To add insult to injury, Brie and Bryan started eating one after Nikki mentioned that she and John sometimes have quickies, and then announced it at the morning coffee get-together. It’s strange for sure, but that’s exactly what the Bellas seem to be doing.

1 Bella Babies (Season 6, Episode 7) – 8.4

The Bella Twins hold their babies

Anyone who follows the Bella Twins knows that they basically do everything together. So it was fitting that they should get pregnant at the same time, but it was even more perfect that they should give birth a day apart. “Bella Babies” works so well because it focuses on the births.

Nikki gave birth to Matteo on July 31, 2020 and Brie had Buddy on August 1. The episode focuses on how the contractions went for both women, and considering how much the viewers are connected to these people, it was emotional. Probably the climax was that Kathy was able to hold both babies after brain surgery.

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