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The 10 best episodes according to Rolling Stone

The beloved Friends sextet has given fans endless laughs over the years. Whether you’re enjoying Ross’ spraying mishaps, Phoebe’s appearance as “Princess Consuela Bananahammock,” Rachel “Bald” Ross’s girlfriend, or the time Joey Chandler was wearing all of his clothes, the ten seasons of this series are filled with hilarious moments .

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Most Friends fans would find it hard to narrow their list of favorite episodes down to just ten. Fortunately, Rolling Stone magazine did the heavy lifting of making a list of the rates they thought were the best.


“The one with the proposal” (S6, E24 & 25)

Suggestion from Friends Monica Chandler

When Chandler reveals that he wants to propose to Monica, the crowd cheers for him. In true Chandler fashion, nothing goes according to plan. At the restaurant, Monica’s ex-boyfriend Richard and his date show up and join them at their table – much to Chandler’s dismay. Richard later goes to Monica’s workplace to explain his undying love to her. Meanwhile, Chandler tries to throw Monica off course by pretending he isn’t ready to get married just yet.

This episode deserves its place on the list when Monica goes on her knees and Chandler joins her on a marriage proposal, one of the most romantic scenes in Friends. Its important place in the Monica and Chandler relationship timeline also cemented it as one of the best friends episodes of all time.

“The one after Ross says Rachel” (S5, E1)

Ross and Rachel sit awkwardly in at the airport

At the end of season four, fans are treated to two shocking revelations – Chandler and Monica fall in love with a romantic relationship, and Ross accidentally says Rachel’s name during his marriage vows to Emily. This highly anticipated sequel to the season four finale skilfully pushes the plot forward without giving too much away.

As expected, Emily is devastated and Rachel is confused. Chandler and Monica enjoy keeping their new relationship a secret. And the show’s followers are treated to two new and very important storylines that make them a major episode of the series as well as one of the best of all time.

“The one to Vegas” (S6, E1)

Brad Pitt is sitting in Friends for Thanksgiving dinner

Chandler and Monica plan to get married in Vegas, although neither of them are really comfortable getting married yet. One of the most unexpected things that happens in Friends is Rachel and Ross tie the knot in a fit of drunkenness. When the recently married but unsuspecting duo wakes up with facial hair drawn by markers, they laugh at it and go to breakfast.

The special thing about this episode is the fact that the fans are always one step ahead of the characters. Viewers see the words “Just Married” on Ross’ back, but he and Rachel are in the dark. Fans also know that Ross is just pretending to have their marriage annulled, but Rachel has no idea.

“The one with the rumor” (S8, E9)

This episode, starring Brad Pitt, will go down in history as the only time Jennifer Aniston acted alongside her then-husband. Pitt plays Will, a former overweight high school friend of Ross and Monica, whom Monica invited to Thanksgiving dinner. It turns out Rachel was mean to him at school, which led Will and Ross to start an “I Hate Rachel Green” club.

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Not only is Pitt and Aniston fun to watch sparring, but Joey’s promise to make sure Monica isn’t saddled with leftover turkey is a hilarious subplot. He puts on Phoebe maternity pants (also known as his “Thanksgiving pants”) and makes himself comfortable wiping out the 19-pound bird in one sitting.

“The one with the prom video” (S2, E14)

Teens Rachel and Monica in The One With The Prom video

This season two gem reveals a lot about the character’s youthful self when they uncover the old Rachel and Monica prom video. Fans learn that Rachel had a nose job, Monica wasn’t always slim, and Ross was ready to take Rachel to her prom after their date failed to show up. Seeing these well-known characters in their most vulnerable forms makes this episode very special.

It also introduces fans to Phoebe’s memorable phrase, “He’s their lobster,” which refers to the fact that the crustaceans mate for a lifetime. And when Joey Chandler buys a chunky, engraved bracelet as a thank you – the one he calls “anti-women” and “eyesore from the Liberace House of Crap” – viewers are treated to comic gold.

“The one who everyone finds out about” (S5, E14)

As this episode circulated, fans were dying from the public exposure of Monica and Chandler’s relationship – making this a very meaningful part of the series. When Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler making out across the street, she and Rachel decide to band together to mess their heads. Phoebe pretends to feel like Chandler, which starts a flirty game of cat and mouse to see who gives in first. When Chandler breaks down and declares that he loves Monica, viewers everywhere say a collective “Aww” and television history is made.

Ross discovers that his best friend and sister are romantically involved in hilarious ways. Also, this is the episode where fans are first introduced to Joey’s beloved soft toy, Huggsy the Penguin.

“The one who got Ross high” (S6, E9)

In what is claimed by many to be the series’s biggest Thanksgiving episode, Chandler tries in vain to impress Monica’s parents. It turns out Ross blamed him when his parents discovered cannabis in his possession years ago. What starts out as a confession to fix things turns into a fight in which Ross and Monica screech at each other about every crime they have ever committed.

Meanwhile, Phoebe feels drawn to Mr. Gellar. And Rachel makes an inedible dish that combines the ingredients for a bite with those of a shepherd’s cake – one of Rachel’s funniest scenes in Friends. Everyone loves to see a vacation gone wrong and nobody does that better than Friends.

“The one where nobody is ready” (S3, E2)

Friends Joey wear all of Chandler's clothes

Filmed almost entirely in real time in Monica’s apartment, this episode revolves around Ross trying to piss off his friends and get them to perform an important role. When Joey and Chandler argue over a chair, chaos ensues, with Chandler hiding Joey’s underwear and Joey wearing every item of clothing Chandler owns.

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This episode brings out Joey’s line: “I’m Chandler and could I wear more clothes?” – a line that friends of Friends everywhere know by heart. This season three favorite also shows Ross’ willingness to show his affection for Rachel by having a glass of chicken fat. It’s often cited as one of the show’s landmark episodes, and for good reason. It shows the personalities of each character perfectly and has lots of hilarious moments that split the page.

“The one with the embryos” (S4, E12)

As the Rolling Stone points out, this episode is clearly misnamed as the climax isn’t Phoebe’s IVF procedure, but the high-stakes quiz game played by Joey, Chandler, Rachel, and Monica. Not only will fans be treated to a treasure trove of facts about each character – Monica’s favorite annoyances are animals disguised as humans, and Joey’s childhood imaginary friend was Maurice the Space Cowboy – but this is the episode that made Monica and Rachel their spacious ones Apartment cost.

Of course, the one question the girls can’t answer is, “What is Chandler’s job?” – something that even the most loyal of fans will find difficult to answer and one of the funniest running gags on Friends. In an interesting twist, the boys’ chicken is really a rooster that wakes everyone up before sunrise.

“The one where Ross finds out” (S2, E7)

“Ross and Rachel” episodes are huge fan favorites, but this one is especially important. After a full season of Ross carrying a torch for Rachel, followed by Rachel’s longing for Ross (who was with Julie at the time), viewers want to see how things work out for the couple. When a drunk Rachel leaves a meaningful message on Ross’ answering machine stating that she’s over him, Ross asks, confused, “When were you with me?”

This episode invites avid viewers to share Ross and Rachel’s first kiss, and the start of a series-long relationship is born. And the fans will cheer them on until the bittersweet finale.

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