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Southern Charm Alum Madison LeCroy Slams Critics Of Her Dental Work As ‘Pitiful

It’s a Bravo guarantee that Madison LeCroy will set the record and silence the haters. Whether it’s telling her “Muppet” ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll to shut up on national TV or dealing with those A-Rod allegations, the Southern Charm alum isn’t one that can withdraws from its critics. This apparently also applies to online commentators – whom she considers “pathetic” – when it comes to their recent veneer dental treatment.

The drama started just before New Years Eve when the reality star posted an Instagram photo of her and her 8-year-old son. Many viewers were shocked to see how different her smile appeared, and some even made negative comments about how she looked better without the veneers. Not long after that, she went to her Instagram Stories for a warning. She said (via The Sun):

I just feel like I’m posting a picture with my son and we’re enjoying our time and then I have all these negative comments. And that’s why women end up ending up or young girls looking up to others for work because there are people like some of you. And I know even if you don’t like it, you’ll be lurking on my side while we speak. And that is downright pathetic to me. What I do is nobody’s business. If I share it with the world, it’s because I have uncertainties and have clearly resolved them.

Madison LeCroy, who has appeared on Bravo’s Southern Charm since season 2 in 2015, confirmed she had her teeth done and explained exactly what that meant. She revealed that they were “narrowed” and that her “sloping jawline” was also “adjusted” to give her the appearance of a “wider smile”. The staar emphasized that it was her personal wish “for a long time”. In fact, she showed the entire process with her team at Hales Parker Dentistry in early December. See the before and after here:

Additionally, the infamous 31-year-old hairdresser discussed all of the other procedures she’s had in the past on her Instagram stories. These include breast correction, lip fillers, and belly button reconstruction. But the Southern Charm straight shooter wanted to make it clear to her followers that they should only resolve their own insecurities if it makes them really happy.

The veneers aren’t the only new updates in Madison LeCroy’s life, however. She got engaged to her six-month-old boyfriend, Brett Randle, last year. It came after a time she faced a month-long backlash due to her contact with former MLB player Alex Rodriguez that allegedly ended his own engagement to actress Jennifer Lopez.

Madison LeCroy is expected to speak more about the controversial situation in the next season of Southern Charm, which is currently in the middle of filming. Stars like Kathryn Dennis will change in the new episodes. There is already a public back and forth with her ex / co-star Austen Kroll. But if he knows what’s good for him, he may not want to say anything about LeCroy’s veneers …

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