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Manny’s Mummy D Denies Having Cosmetic Surgery – News – Philippines

MANILA – Ms. Dionesia Pacquiao, mother of eight division boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, has denied conversations that she went under the knife because she looks much younger these days.

In a skirmish with reporters on Sunday, she said she despises cosmetic surgery as it could affect her chances of getting to heaven. “St. Peter could refuse me entry because ‘Dionesia’ looked different. “

Mrs. Pacquiao, popularly known as Mummy Dionesia, has become a press favorite opposite the boxer’s wife, Jinkee. She is very religious and is considered a kind of stage mother of Pacquiao, also known as PacMan because he dominated most of his opponents.

It was Mummy Dionesia, also known as PacMum, who scourged Pacquiao on record for not wearing a rosary when he lost precious sleep over Bible study in Las Vegas, Nevada, to the Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez on December 8th.

Pacquaio, who was once a devout Catholic who prayed and made the sign of the cross in his corner before a game, had left the church and became a born again Christian.

Because of their younger-looking skin, press and other supporters of Pacquiao and his media savvy mother have suspected that PacMum had undergone a number of cosmetic surgeries.

She again denied such observations, saying that her secret to looking younger than her age was prayers.

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