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Let’s be decent in our development discussions – Bono Ministers

“We urge all stakeholders to limit their discussions to the core issues that are factual and verifiable, and not to resort to personal attacks and defamations of certain people and institutions that could lead to unnecessary rebuttals and a potential threat to peace in the region . “.

“The pursuit of development for the Bono region should therefore unite us and not divide us,” said the regional minister in a statement published in Sunyani on Monday and forwarded to the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

In the media space there has recently been a discourse on topics that relate in particular to the development of the Bono region and Sunyani.

These questions have primarily focused on concerns about the perceived “neglect and underdevelopment” of the Sunyani community by successive governments.

Top concerns of stakeholders and local residents include the construction of a new sports stadium, the completion of the Sunyani Airport, the completion of the auditorium of the Sunyani Center for National Culture and the completion of the regional library complex.

“Residents and stakeholders have followed President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s call to be“ citizens, not bystanders, ”and we strongly believe that their participation in national discourse and development is the right way to go.

“However, we would like to urge local residents and stakeholders to be decent in discussions about the development of Sunyani and the region as a whole,” the statement said.

“The Bono Regional Minister recognized the importance of all major stakeholders in nation building and did not take these legitimate concerns lightly.

“We would like to note that, contrary to media claims that she“ is not concerned ”about the development of the region, and especially its capital, Sunyani, she has worked diligently to ensure that Sunyani and the Bono region get their deserved share on the national cake. “

“Over the past few months, the Bono Regional Coordinating Council has involved several stakeholders and institutions directly responsible for the sectors, our religious leaders, and identifiable groups to work together to achieve the developmental aspirations of our staff.

“Although the discussions have been fruitful and have produced positive results that will lead to very tangible results in the near future, some of our stakeholders believe that the results should be available immediately. It is important to note that these collaborations have resulted in several committees under the auspices of the Bono Regional House of Chiefs that are currently working seriously to resolve the pressing issues related to the outcomes, ”it reads.

“For its part, the RCC has mandated the various sector ministries concerned to take action on the urgent issues raised. While Sunyani, like any other regional capital city, should require ongoing facelifts to meet global standards and improve the lives of our citizens. Let us also not forget that in Sunyani and the Bono region, significant developments in other sectors continue to be observed under this administration. “

“The NPP government has not and will not take the good people of Sunyani for granted. Therefore, we want to assure the good people of the region that the leadership of the government in the region, including the Regional Coordinating Council, all members of parliament in the region, ward and district captains, and the New Patriotic Party from the feedback from the people, to do more and accelerate processes to ensure that our employees’ development aspirations are met. “

“In the short term, the RCC intends to set up a region-wide advisory forum in which all major patrons and stakeholders develop a draft for the region’s strategic development framework. It is the RCC’s ardent hope that all citizens will contribute to this initiative in due course, ”the statement said.

He thanked the Bono Region Upper House, the region’s MPs, traditional authorities, religious leaders, the Regional Peace Council, political parties and all identifiable groups and interest groups and the media for their role in ensuring the region’s development.

“The RCC is open to future collaborations and collaborations with all interest groups who care about the development of the region,” it said and called on all well-meaning citizens to make a positive contribution to building a great bono region.

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