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Larissa ushers in shocking new plastic surgery in 2022

Larrisa Lima is going to have major plastic surgery. The 90-day-fiancé star probably wants to greet the new year 2022 with a new snapped look.

Former 90 days fiance Star Larrisa Lima welcomes the new year 2022 with a brand new plastic surgery. Fans may know that the native Brazilian is obsessed with using new cosmetic procedures to enhance her beauty. In September 2020, Larissa spent over $ 70,000 looking like Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner. She had a nose job and silicone breast implants that changed her cup size from 34A to 34DD. While many of the 90-day fiancé’s stars and viewers were surprised to see Larissa’s transformation, others criticized her decision to go under the knife and change her natural appearance.


The 34-year-old reality star didn’t care what her critics said about her full-body makeover because she had bigger goals in mind. She purposely underwent various cosmetic surgeries to look like an inflatable doll so she could earn a steady income by creating adult content for her subscribers. A few months ago, she doubled her breast size by replacing her 700ml silicone breast implants with 1,500ml saline. In 2022, Larissa is considering getting even bigger breast implants made with 2,000 cc of saline solution that would weigh about 8 pounds.

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Before changing her cup size, it looks like Larissa wants to get a snapped waist by removing a few ribs from her body. She recently met with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Met Lane Smith in Nevada and posted a couple of Instagram stories before receiving the trial. The 90-day fiance alum shared a short clip from the clinic’s lobby and then a picture from the operating room. She wore a black robe and face mask and labeled the photo “remove 3 ribs”. She also used laughing and spiral eye emojis in her pre-surgery snapshot.

90 days fiance - Larrisa Lima plastic surgery

Since Larissa shared this plastic surgery news, she must have already undergone the rib removal. The adult star made no mention of whether she opted for this surgery for medical reasons or body modifications. Even so, many 90-day fiancé fans worried about her after she announced she was getting this new procedure. A Redditor said (via MockingbirdTT), “How about your organs? How is your body going to support your huge breasts!” Another intervened: “I had it done. The donor site is now so arthritic, I can barely breathe sometimes, it hurts so much. “

It seems that Larissa would like to welcome the year 2022 with a new look and a slim waist. At the time of writing, she hasn’t shared an update, but should be fine. Various internet sources suggest that the cost of rib removal surgery ranges from $ 11,900 to $ 18,500. After plastic surgery, Larissa may experience some discomfort, but she should fully recover within 1 or 2 weeks. During a couple 90 days fiance Fans are worried about her health, many wish her a speedy recovery.

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Source: Larissa Lima / Instagram, MockingbirdTT / Reddit

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