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Kim Kardashian swears by the benefits of amla

Anyone who grew up in a Desi household has come across two supposed “magic drugs” – Haldi and Amla.

Regardless of the disease (including Corona for a second), the adults vouched that one of the two could eliminate it.


Well, we can’t really deny the fact that they are good for your health, but their recommendation as a “cure for anything” might be a bit of an exaggeration. However, it can often be difficult to explain this to parents. You are more convinced of Amla than you are of me.

Kim Kardashian Source: Pinkvilla

But they’re not the only ones, Kim Kardashian vouches for them too. She recently posted a photo of Amla detox products on Instagram and thanks Dr. Kanodia, their manufacturer.

These products also contain a moisturizer.

Kim Kardashian praises Amla productsSource: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

A little research shows us that Kim has been a fan of these products for a long time and that Dr. Kanodia – who describes himself as the “king of closed, scarless rhinoplasty” – even shared her reviews on his Instagram.

Interestingly, many Hollywood celebs, including Sofia Vergara, swear by amla and its benefits for skin and general health.

Okay, I guess you win this parents.

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