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“I’ve undergone cosmetic surgery before,” Sauti Sol band member confesses

We all have our insecurities, male and female alike. Whether work-related, home-related, personally or socially…insecurities are part of being human.

But we still battle them every passing day and try our best level to either have them out or hidden despite the fact that imperfection will always be part of our lives.

All this was well echoed in Sauti Sol’s Midnight Train album. Talk of singles like Insecure, talk of Suzanna… just to mention a few.

Sauti Sol

Surgeries have been the new norm especially among public figures who try to maintain a certain ‘accepted’ image among their fans.

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Well, it hit closer home and band member, Willis Austin Chimano confessed he sought cosmetic services for his armpits to reduce the rate at which he was sweating.

I have no problem and personally, I’ve done it at some point. I sweat a lot and I had botox in my armpits to prevent sweating and I did it once.

Sauti Sol’s band member, Chimano

Botox injections deal with reducing aging as well as treat certain conditions inclusive of excessive sweating, professionally referred to as hyperhidrosis, which Chimano was battling.

However, in as much as it worked for his good, the singer-songwriter admitted he was not willing to go in for more surgeries. Clarifying that his intent was not for appearance like many people go for.

I’m scared of doing it over and over…At the end of it all, it is not something you should use to alter your looks because of pressure from other people.


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