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How Chantel, River & Winter All Updated Their Style

Family Chantel’s cast have gone through many changes. Discover how the Chantel, River, and Winter siblings’ styles evolved over time.

Chantel Jimeno, née Everett, can continue to run her family The Chantel family, but the various members of the Jimeno and Everett families round off the storylines to create more drama, romance, and heartbreak. Chantel and her husband Pedro Jimeno have come a long way since they were 90-day fiancé as Pedro is now an accepted and supported member of Chantel’s family. Meanwhile, Chantel and her siblings Winter and Riverknight Everett have updated their personal style significantly since appearing on TLC shows. Discover how the three Everett siblings have changed in appearance since they first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé.


Series star Chantel has always been confident, but Pedro’s wife is now perfectly safe in her marriage. In the new season three episode of The Family Chantel on Monday night, Chantel didn’t give in when Pedro’s younger sister Nicole Jimeno tried to convince Chantel that Pedro had cheated on her. Chantel was unimpressed by the revelation as she had complete confidence in her husband. In season three of The Family Chantel, Chantel’s younger sister, Winter, begins hugging herself and figuring out who she is after breaking up with her longtime and controlling boyfriend, Jah. Eventually, Riverknight continues his music career as he saw that his romance with older aspiring model Megan Montenegro was likely to end after the two realized they were in different places in their lives. While the siblings have all experienced changes in their romantic situations, they have also drastically changed their style and overall look.

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Chantel Jimeno

Chantel Jimeno The Chantel family

Chantel has always been lauded for her beauty, but many 90-day fiancé fans believe the nurse and reality star have updated her looks since her first appearance on the franchise. Comparative photos taken by Chantel have sparked speculation that the 30-year-old was undergoing plastic surgery, including a nose job and breast augmentation. However, Chantel has consistently denied plastic surgery rumors and credits her body with time at the gym with her husband Pedro. Chantel has talked about getting botox injections despite insisting that it is the only job she has done. Still, Chantel appears a little different to many fans, although she has retained her signature glam style.

River Knight Everett

River Knight Everett The Family Chantel

Riverknight, Chantel’s 23-year-old brother, has been promoting his rap career for some time. Many viewers focused more on his looks, however, as his untamed locks were constantly in his eyes and few fans took him seriously as a rapper. Then the Atlanta musician decided to cut his hair and go for a freshly beefed up look to change his style. Family Chantel fans are incredibly supportive of Riverknight’s new haircut. Many viewers believe that he is updating his style to better reflect the vision he has of himself and his career.

Winter Everett

Winter Everett The Family Chantel

As Chantel’s younger sister, Winter was often dwarfed by her glamorous and brave older sister. However, the 26-year-old dedicated herself to a wellness year that has resulted in dramatic results and overwhelming fan support. Winter has documented her journey to weight loss as she hits the gym and makes healthy changes to shed pounds. While Winter is losing weight to be healthy, she’s also embraced newfound confidence that leads her to experiment with her personal style. Winter is now modeling for several clothing companies through social media advertising and enjoying showing off their glamorous fashions The Chantel family Fans.

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