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From the Godfather of Oldham to the ruthless child murderers … the trials that shocked Greater Manchester this year

As the country continues to fight the coronavirus, the wheels of justice have continued to turn.

The pandemic changed many aspects of society, but judges still lock up criminals and juries judge their peers’ behavior.

The Manchester Crown Courts have continued to hear some of the most shocking cases in the country.

Murders, high-ranking drug dealers and rampaging armed robber gangs have all been locked up.

Here are some of the most shocking cases men have reported in the past 12 months.

Aram Sheibani

Aram Sheibani

“Their greed knows no bounds,” a judge told Aram Sheibani before sentencing him to 37 years in prison.

Sheibani lived a stunning life in luxury, financed by crime.

He was exposed as an international drug lord, and the evidence showed that he was “near the source of cocaine” in Colombia.

Sheibani had enjoyed the regalia of wealth, amassed a £ 5 million empire, expensive cars including a Bentley and a Porsche, and luxury accommodations like a £ 1.74 million mansion in one of the most exclusive areas of London.

He also paid for cosmetic surgery, including veneers, hair transplants, and a nose job.

Sheibani claimed his fortune was legitimately built, but a police investigation revealed that he was the true source of his luxurious lifestyle.

“Sheibani is a calculated, insidious and insidious criminal who believes he is above the law,” said Sergeant Lucy Pearson of GMP’s white-collar crime division after the trial.

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Zak Bolland, David Worrall and Courtney Brierley

Courtney Brierley, Zak Bolland and David Worrall

More than 20 months after their children were murdered in a horrific arson attack, their mother suffered the same fate.

Demi, 15, eight year old Brandon; Seven-year-old Lacie and three-year-old Lia were all killed when the hideous couple Zak Bolland and David Worrall dropped gasoline bombs at the Pearson family’s home.

The merciless killers were embroiled in a small argument with the children’s older brother, Kyle.

The children’s mother, Michelle, survived the fire but suffered 68 percent burns.

In the 20 months from the horrific attack to her death, Michelle remained excruciatingly in the hospital.

After months of treatment and rehabilitation work, she finally lost “any desire to go on living” and died in August 2019 after falling ill after an operation.

Bolland and Worrall were found guilty of the murder of the four children after a 2018 trial.

Michelle Pearson and her children

You were found guilty of Michelle’s murder on a second trial in April.

Bolland’s former girlfriend, Courtney Brierley, who “encouraged and supported” the couple, was convicted of four manslaughter in the 2018 trial and admitted to manslaughter prior to the final trial.

Bolland and Worrall are serving life sentences with minimum sentences of 40 and 37 years, while Brierley is serving a 21-year sentence.

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Mohammed Fareed and Faisal Farid

Mohammed Fareed poses with a BMW with the license plate EVII YOB

The drug lord Mohammed Fareed, known as the “Godfather of Oldham”, had turned into a new, terrifying criminal blackmail process.

Luring unsuspecting victims, who thought they were buying cars online, into appalling armed robbery.

Some were attacked with hammers or machetes while others were aimed at them with a gun after traveling to Oldham and Manchester.

They had often traveled for miles.

One victim was a mother who had come from Dundee with her two-year-old boy.

After getting into a taxi, masked men armed with guns tried to get into their taxi and rob them.

Police identified or attempted robberies from September 2019 to February last year.

Mohammed Fareed and Faisal Farid

Fareed “pulled the strings” of the gang, while his son Faisal Farid was also involved.

Farid, who was “Fareed the Cheater,” was sentenced to 12 years in prison while his father was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

‘Employee’ Adam Marco, who was involved in two of the incidents, was sentenced to six years in prison.

Christopher Sammon, John Sammon, Gary Betts, Gerard Boyle and Wayne Simmonds

Top row LR: Wayne Simmonds, John Sammon, Gerard Boyle Bottom row LR: Christopher Sammon, Gary Betts

Secret tapes uncovered a terrible scheme to rob and torture a wealthy businessman in his 80s.

There were plans to target the retired butcher and force him to hand over huge sums of money.

The police stormed in to stop the conspiracy hours before it actually happened.

The gang discussed posing as police officers and alleged that they ransacked the man’s home on charges of alleged tax evasion.

They also talked about cutting off his ear or holding an iron to his chest.

Police were able to overhear the gang’s chats after installing hidden listening devices in an industrial facility in Openshaw, which they used as camouflage for crimes.

One of the conversations during which the gang had caught the attention of the officers who were listening.

“They make, these bastards make money every day, yeah, every damn day, they can’t go to the bank,” said Christopher Sammon when talking about the butcher.

“You are too busy, these butchers, every K *** will buy this meat.”

Sammon, John Sammon, Gary Betts, Gerard Boyle and Wayne Simmonds were all jailed after being found guilty of conspiracy to robbery.

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Michael Burke, Jack Yarwood, Stuart Watson and Daniel Adamson

Daniel Adamson, Jack Yarwood, Michael Burke and Stuart Watson

A rampaging band of armed robbers continued to commit crimes despite knowing the police were after them.

A crook texted a friend and said, “We’ll take the P *** now”.

Four members of the gang eventually received life sentences for a horrific six month rampage in which they struck 29 times.

The gang terrorized a family in their own home in broad daylight, targeting Co-op and McColls convenience stores, as well as an exchange office in a busy supermarket.

Michael Burke, 40, Jack Yarwood, 35, Stuart Watson, 40; and Daniel Adamson, 35, were all sentenced to life imprisonment.

A robbery took place in a large family home in Warburton, Trafford.

A mother and children, ages 13 and nine, were crammed into a closet when machete robbers demanded cash and threatened to kill their partner and injure their children.

“Give me your watch, give me everything or I’ll kill you,” said a robber to her partner, a “successful businessman”.

The gang stole £ 60,000 worth of jewelry and watches, £ 2,000 in cash and a Mercedes GLS.

The mother, who is now afraid of the dark and sleeps with a knife, later said, “It was literally the worst night of my life.”

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Thomas McCann

Thomas McCann

A couple walking their dogs in a country park made a gloomy discovery.

While walking in Reddish Vale Country Park, they came across garbage bags containing body parts.

Beloved mother Yvonne McCann had been brutally murdered and dismembered by her jealous, estranged husband.

The couple met at the age of 14 and were a childhood sweetheart.

They married in 1996 and had three children, and all was well until McCann cheated on her.

She found a new relationship and planned a new future.

The day before her remains were found in the park, her family had enjoyed a barbecue over a bank holiday weekend.

Yvonne McCann died last May

Her daughter Rachel said goodbye to her mother before going to work. When she came back that evening, her mother was not there.

She was reported missing and suspected when Rachel found her mother’s cell phone in McCann’s jacket.

Only McCann will know exactly how he murdered Yvonne.

He later admitted, “I killed my wife and threw it away in the trash.”

He said they got into an argument over frozen chips being left out of the freezer and also identified himself as “Hannibal Lecter”.

McCann was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years and 182 days in prison after pleading guilty to the murder.

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Mohammed Islam

Mohammed Islam went out of his way to help his staff when he was brutally killed.

The owner of the Marple Spice restaurant in Stockport had offered to take a delivery of food before he could finish work as it was on the way home.

But he was cruelly attacked by a gang of thieves who were looking for a car to steal.

Mr Islam, 53, drove his “treasured” Mercedes C-Class, which his children had bought for his 25th wedding anniversary.

After parking in Romiley and about to deliver the takeaway, a 15-year-old boy got into his car.

Mr. Islam ran back and tried desperately to stop him.

He clung to the car until the boy sped away.

The beloved father and restaurateur was killed on his last delivery of the day

A witness said the boy was “traveling at the speed I saw Top Gear when they drove all the way through”.

Mr. Islam held out for about 30 meters, but was then thrown into the street.

He hit his head on the floor and was run over by his own car.

The father of three died two days later.

The 15-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and conspiracy to steal and was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison.

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Kevin Pryce

Kevin Pryce

Mia Strothers, 14, was walking to school when she was killed by a drug-fueled mad driver.

Kevin Pryce was driving almost double the speed limit in a BMW that he knew had broken brakes when plowing at Mia.

He drove off and later tried to blame Mia by claiming she stepped into the street.

Even after the crash, he claimed his windshield was damaged because someone threw a “brick” on it, and then inquired about a repair.

Mia, a student at North Manchester Academy, was crossing the street after 8 a.m. when Pryce hit her and threw her into the air.

Mia Strothers

Pryce later turned himself in to the police. He tested positive for cocaine and cannabis and claimed he has been using them since then


Mia’s father said he felt “dead inside” since she died.

“Mia was my baby. I had to leave the hospital without her that morning,” said Daniel Strothers.

“People tell me that over time I’ll feel better, but it will only get worse.

“Time changes absolutely nothing.

“I’ve lost my motivation to live. I feel dead inside.”

Oldham’s Pryce admitted causing deaths from dangerous driving, not stopping, driving without a license, and driving without insurance.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and was banned from driving for life.

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