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Ennis Plastic Surgery Offers Breast Augmentation With No Scar on the Breast

When considering breast augmentation surgery, one of the most common issues to worry about is post-surgery scarring.

  • Will people notice the scar and ask questions about my breast size?
  • Will a scar cloud my beautiful new breasts?
  • How do scars affect certain swimsuits that I plan to wear?
  • Will I be aware of a scar if someone sees my chest?

These are all common and important questions to ask yourself when considering breast augmentation surgery. If this sounds like a dilemma you are facing, you’ll be glad to learn that there is an exciting technique out there called. is known Transaxillary breast augmentation, that leaves no visible scar on the chest. Correctly! The fear of scarring doesn’t have to stop you from living your best life anymore.

We are fortunate enough to have Dr. L. Scott Ennis who is familiar with the transaxillary augmentation procedure. From your consultation to your procedure, he will be happy to guide you step-by-step through the procedure so that you know what to expect from this innovative procedure.

Everything you need to know about transaxillary augmentation can be found here.

The 411 for transaxillary augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery using the old-fashioned inframammary technique involves making an incision under the breast, just below the breast, where the breast and rib cage meet. This type of surgery may sometimes be necessary, but one downside is that it leaves scars where the cut was made that can be seen if your swimsuit pulls up or someone sees you shirtless.

Some surgeons advocate the scar around the nipple or the periareolar scar to place the implants, but this incision has its drawbacks as well. Many women complain of loss of nipple sensation after this procedure and may have difficulty breastfeeding. Not to mention, if the scar gets wide or thick, it is in a very sensitive area and it can affect the beauty of the breast.

The technique of transaxillary augmentation is sometimes referred to as “Invisible Breast Surgery” or “Invisible Augmentation”. In this procedure, the incision is made through a tiny incision in the armpit and does not leave a scar on the chest.

“I find that this technique gives a much nicer breast without scars. In addition, my patients recover faster because there isn’t a large cut under the breast or around the nipple to heal. Nobody thinks armpits are very sexy, so it’s a great place to hide a scar, “says Dr. Ennis.

The secret lies in the special endoscopic tool and tiny cameras that help make the incisions as small as possible. Dr. L. Scott Ennis Discuss whether it is better to place the implant behind or in front of the chest muscles. Most people opt for behind the chest muscles.

You will be under general anesthesia for the actual procedure, but you can go home the same day.

Recovery from the procedure

Most women can be back to work in five to seven days. Your recovery should take about six weeks before you can fully return to your normal, daily training schedule. Following all of your doctor’s directions can reduce scars and help them heal faster.

Go for it

It’s exciting to think about a procedure that will give you great breasts without scarring. And since the cut scar is hidden in an area that is already appearing darker than the rest of the body, as well as an area that is already wrinkled, it is very easy to keep the cut a secret from the world.

Dr. However, Ennis adds that everyone heals differently.

“Your body’s genetic makeup determines how you get scars, but certain techniques like massaging the scar tissue and using silicone strips can help minimize their appearance,” he says.

Design your support system

Not every surgeon is able to perform the transaxillary augmentation. Dr. Ennis is known in the plastic surgery world. He was named one of America’s best plastic surgeons, one of the top ten plastic surgeons in Florida, and one of the 100 best cosmetic surgeons in the country by Realself based on patient ratings.

Dr. Ennis really loves performing the transaxillary augmentation procedure and prides itself on bringing you the best looking surgery without scars on your chest. He is patient, kind, and understanding of all of your problems and any questions you have about your augmentation.

Do you feel that an invisible augmentation procedure is perfect for you? Book your consultation in the practice or a virtual consultation via video chat with the surgeon. Call us at 561 / 266-4344 or send us an email at [email protected] and visit us at We can’t wait to get to know you!

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