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Dragon Girl endures “gnarled” operations to become a “plastic goddess”

1/2/2022 1:00 PM EST

Dragon Girl endures “gnarled” operations to become a “plastic goddess”

The 26-year-old model is not finished yet.

Brisbane, Australia – Amber Luke has been known for the number 98 for quite a while – because 98% of her body is tattooed. But the 26-year-old is not yet satisfied.

Amber Luke shared her latest cosmetic surgery to her Instagram followers. © Screenshot / Instagram / amberluke2_0

The famous Australian tattoo model has undergone countless procedures and body modifications over the years.

In addition to her various skin piercings, ear stretches, cleft tongue, and eyeball coloring, the young woman also had her teeth sharpened into vampire-like fangs and added some diamond tooth bling.

Now she has re-approved a range of extreme beauty treatments and said that she “can warmly recommend each one”.

Treatments include lip, cheek, and chin fillers, an anti-pouch agent, and a chin dissolving treatment.

Popularly known as the “Dragon Girl”, the model also told her Instagram followers that she recently had liposuction on five parts of her body and had the distant fan injected into her buttocks.

“The healing process is pretty gnarled – I don’t want to gloss it over for you, haha,” she wrote. “It’s brutal all over the body … all over the body.”

She confirmed that the most recent plastic surgery cost her A $ 15,000, or about $ 10,000.

“Looks fantastic,” enthused one fan. “Wow, I love it,” commented another. Enthusiastic followers called her a “beautiful angel” and “plastic goddess”.

Of course there are also negative comments – but the model doesn’t let that put her off.

“I have no af ** k to give,” she wrote in a recent post.

The Dragon Maiden revealed that her body modifications helped her mental state and self-esteem.

“When I started at 16, I struggled tremendously with depression as I began my personal journey. I saw the tattoos as an opportunity to regain my confidence and make myself someone to be proud of, ”she said.

“It took me years of development to get to the point where I am proud of myself and what I have achieved.”

“My journey has been a hell of a long, knowledgeable, excruciating road … but mostly a beautiful one,” wrote Amber.

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