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Awesome Medical Marketing Launches a FREE Coupon Program for Surgeons and Patients Featuring Deals on Aesthetic and Cosmetic Procedures

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“I’d recommend the site to anyone,” stated Dr. Daniel Pero, who saw measurable results within 48 hours after submitting a coupon.

Despite the worldwide obsession with perfection and the staggering 13.8 million aesthetic procedures performed in 2011, as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), some cosmetic and plastic surgeons have reported a dramatic dip in online searches, web hits, patient leads and revenues in recent months. Blame it on the recession, unemployment, the election, summer vacations, Google updates or all of the above. Surgeons are looking for more ways to engage more patients, which is why Awesome Medical Marketing, the World’s largest cosmetic and plastic surgery directory network launched, a FREE site for surgeons and patients to connect via special offers and promotions.

No doubt, the plastic surgery industry has captivated audiences of all ages and across the globe, from teens who want surgery to avoid teasing and bullying, to glamor seekers in their 20s and aging baby boomers who want to maintain their youth. For years surgeons could rely on their reputation, traditional marketing and their reputation to attract patients and keep their practices busy and they did not have to consider discounts or promotions to get patients, until now.

By popular demand, Awesome Medical Marketing created to accommodate the high volume of prospective patients looking for cosmetic and plastic surgery deals and discounts.

Sales and coupons have worked for retailers in every economy. The success of coupon sites gained the attention of cosmetic/plastic surgeons and spa owners, but many did not like the waiting periods, restrictions, revenue and profit sharing. They wanted something different, which focused exclusively on cosmetic and plastic surgery offers – from spa packages, facials, fillers and laser treatments to more invasive procedures, like body contouring, mommy makeovers and even facelifts. is 100% FREE for providers and patients, and it is so easy to use.

Surgeons can submit coupons and promotions free. There are no waiting periods, regional limitations or fees, and expiration dates are optional.

Patients can search and download coupons at no cost, and print their coupons for FREE, which means they do not have to pay up front for an offer that may expire before use. Patients only pay the discounted price at the time of their visit. See how it works.

“The site is growing in popularity every day and this is another way to connect patients to our listed surgeons who are willing to offer specials without charging them for the promotional service,” stated Sherry Azzarella, Marketing Director at Awesome Medical Marketing.

“Awesome Medical Marketing is a very important part of our overall marketing team. The placement possibilities they provide our practice on many different websites helps to channel patients who are interested in specific procedures we offer. The addition of their “Plastic Surgery Coupons” program is a great boost for our SEO and overall web presence.” Paula D. Young, BS, RN

About Awesome Medical Marketing:

Awesome Medical Marketing optimizes client visibility through online channels and integration, supported by our network, which includes: 60 directories, plastic surgery blogs, cosmetic surgery news sites and our exclusive, free plastic surgery coupon program. Our multi-disciplinary team of copywriters, web designers and SEO engineers work together to connect surgeons and patients for highly searched procedures.

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