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Are you considering a nose job? Dr. Scott Kay explains what you need to know – and ask

Everyone knows the saying that something obvious is “as clear as the nose on your face”.

Scott Kay, Dr.

Scott Kay, MD, FACS

“Rhinoplasty makes a big difference in a person’s appearance without others realizing what has been done because people see different facial features, especially the eyes, instead of focusing on the nose. That’s the amazing thing about this operation, ”said Dr. Kay, ENT and head and neck surgeon at Princeton Otolaryngology Associates.

While general plastic surgeons also perform nose jobs (better known as “nose jobs”), choosing a facial plastic surgeon with an ENT background (ENT) provides a distinct benefit to the procedure.

“When you choose a facial plastic surgeon to do your nose job, you will look at both function and shape,” said Dr. Kay, who completed a plastic surgery scholarship. “The facial plastic surgeon has the ability to improve the function of the sinuses and correct the appearance of the nose. So you not only have a better looking nose, but also a properly functioning nose. “

He added that when choosing a surgeon, patients should ask how often a doctor has performed a nose job.

“Over 100 is a good start,” said Dr. Kay. “I’ve done hundreds of rhinoplasty jobs.”

Patients should also investigate the educational background and training of a surgeon. Dr. For example, Kay earned his bachelor’s degree and medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania and completed two years as a general surgeon at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia and Mount Sinai Medical Center, as well as a residency in ENT / head and neck surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City. He then received fellowship training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh.

“You should also ask to review the surgeon’s post-operative results,” said Dr. Kay, who treats patients in the Princeton Otolaryngology Associates offices in Plainsboro and Monroe.

When Dr. Meeting Kay for the first time, he discusses her expectations and whether he is able to meet those expectations. With the decision to proceed, he will take 3D photos of the patient’s face and then adjust those images to show the person what their nose will look like after surgery.

“I want to be sure that I can deliver the results that a patient is looking for,” said Dr. Kay. “Even if a patient has problems with the inside of their nose, I want to make sure that I address every aspect that is causing them problems, both cosmetically and functionally.”

Dr. Kay generally does not recommend rhinoplasty for women under the age of 15 or men under the age of 17. The reason, he said, is because the face takes time to fully mature, which makes it preferable to postpone surgery unless a younger patient has suffered trauma or has severe sinus dysfunction caused by surgery can be corrected. Age isn’t a factor for adults, but health can be, he said, and certain medical conditions would make a nose job inadvisable.

“The most common points in life for this surgery are moving from high school to college and moving from college to work,” he said. “In these transitional periods, many people are opting for this life-changing surgery.”

Dr. Kay is trained in both “open” and “closed” rhinoplasty so that his patients can use all surgical options.

“I do a closed nose job when I don’t have to change the tip of the nose,” he said. “If I have to change the tip of the nose, I do an open procedure because that way we get better results.”

The operation is performed in an outpatient operation center under general anesthesia. In most patients, the initial recovery is relatively quick, with swelling decreasing by about 75% after the second week. “At this point, most patients are very presentable,” said Dr. Kay. “From then on, the appearance gradually improves over time as the swelling under the skin subsides.”

While insurance does not generally cover rhinoplasty surgery – except possibly in cases of trauma – there are affordable financing options.

“Many people spend their entire lives thinking about the look of their nose, which affects their confidence and even self-esteem,” said Dr. Kay. “Then you have a nose job and your entire perception changes. You have more confidence. You can see it on their faces from the pictures before the surgery to the pictures after the surgery. That gives me great satisfaction. “

Dr. Associated with Princeton Surgical Specialists and the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, Kay has been consistently recognized as a Top Doctor for more than a decade.

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